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Carrier Roller Sd22Plus Standard Bulldozer Track Adjuster Assy

Carrier Roller Sd22Plus Standard Bulldozer Track Adjuster Assy

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Product Description

*Cummins NT855-C280 engine features strong power and high efficiency and energy-saving.

*The mature and stable hydraulic torque converter, the high reliability power shift transmission, and two-stage spur gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency and high durability.

*The engine can run normally and reliably under all load conditions and all hot environments required by the user, without overheating. 

*The integrally injection molded instrument panel features beautiful modeling and realize the automatic diagnosis and whole-process monitoring for the malfunctions in domestic market.

*The optimized working lamp layout achieves a good lighting effect.

*The harnesses adopt the Schlemmer seamless corrugated tubes to promote the protection grade to IP67 (sealed and protected against dusts and short-time water immersion). 

*The full box-type main frame features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment, in which the application of high performance materials and high strength castings makes the main frame stronger and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

*The external working valves ease the daily maintenances and realize better maintainability.

*The PPC pilot control features low operating force and precise controls.

*The working device system pressure is increased to 21MPa, featuring high efficiency and energy-saving.

*The track rollers keep close contact with tracks to increase the ground area of tracks and improve the traction force of the machine.

*The air suspension traveling system adapts to various complicated road conditions, featuring high shock-absorbing efficiency and higher comfort and reliability.

*The hexahedral cab features beautiful modeling and broad visual field.

*The internal shock-absorbing device and the labyrinth sealing structure reduce the vibration and noise and improve the operation comfort. ?

*The high strength cab in structure of special-shaped steel tubes features the falling object protection function to effectively protect the operator's safety.

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