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Excavator Bucket Side Cutter Sd52-5 Standard Bulldozer Komatsu Pc200 Bucket Teeth

Excavator Bucket Side Cutter Sd52-5 Standard Bulldozer Komatsu Pc200 Bucket Teeth

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Product Description

* Cummins QSK19 engine features the advantages of abundant power, easy maintenances, high combustion efficiency, and excellent environmental-friendliness and conformed to the Euro-IIIA and China-III emission regulations.  span>

* The high reliability power shift transmission and the planetary gear final drive feature high power transmission efficiency and high durability and productivity.

* The cooling system fan speed is automatically regulated depending on the engine coolant temperature to shorten the time required for the water and oil temperatures to reach best temperature zone, reduce the energy consumption of cooling system, save more fuel, and lower the working noise of vehicle.

* The high pressure hydraulic system effectively reduces the volumes of hydraulic units, saves the usage quantity of hydraulic oil, and eases the maintenances.

* The water-proof connectors, good circuit protection, lifelong maintenance-free Optima battery, and advanced engine malfunction diagnostic technology for the whole machine eliminate the troubles arising from the malfunction of electric system. The air suspension traveling system always keeps the close contact between track rollers and tracks to increase the ground area of tracks and improve the traction force of the machine.

* K suspened floating traveling system enabkes the support wheel to always contact with the track so as to increase ground area of track and improve the traction.

* The full box-type main frame with application of high performance materials and high strength castings features high carrying capacity against impact load and bending moment to support the continuous high-strength working of machine under severe working condition and the high quality welds guarantee the life cycle of the main frame.

* The heptahedron cab boasts incomparable interior space and broad visual field. The ergonomic soft and luxury seat and armrests can be adjusted easily in vertical and longitudinal directions. The gearshift, steering, and accelerator controls are arranged on the left side and the working device controls are arranged on the right side to achieve lighter and more flexible operations and relieve the operating fatigue.

* The standard semi-U blade features powerful cutting force and can handle all kinds of complicated working environments. The large single-shank ripper with adjustable angle features powerful penetrating force. It can be used not only for the ripping of clay and hard frozen earth, but also for the stripping of hard working faces, such as gravel, hardened salt mine, and rock with developed bedding.

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