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Excavator Idler Str08E-3/Str08Es-3 Trimming Bulldozer Rubber Track

Excavator Idler Str08E-3/Str08Es-3 Trimming Bulldozer Rubber Track

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Product Description

* Weichai WP4G90E235 turbocharged engine features strong power, high efficiency and energy-saving, and high torque reserve coefficient.

* The drive system adopts power shift transmission, featuring flexible and convenient operations and high working efficiency.

* The large gilled tube radiator is adopted to effectively guarantee the normal running under high environmental temperature and ease the cleaning. The radiator with 4-point (up and down) shock-absorbing installation features high stability.

* The multi-stage filtration system is adopted to effectively guarantee the oil cleanliness and reduce the malfunction rate of hydraulic system.

* The full box-type main frame welds the front balance beam, working device mounting points, and lifting cylinder rear support points onto the main frame to achieve a better stiffness and durability and improve the motion consistency between left and right cylinders. The rear balance beam brackets adopt the installation structure to ease the replacement.

* The chassis system features high durability and stability and good traction performance.

* The cab, operating devices, and instrument assembly features high comfort and convenience.

* The trimming blade capable of large-angle forward and backward tilting adopts symmetrically arc-shaped double-faced structure to adapt to double-faced operations. The internally arranged vertical plate weldments guarantee the strength for all trimming blade parts to collect more handled material at one time and adapt to various complicated working environments.

* The rear guard is welded from high strength plates to effectively prevent the damage of drive system arising from the collision with ship compartments during operations and guarantee more durable reliability and service life of the machine.

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