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Excavator Track Roller Sd20-5Lng Natural Gas Bulldozer Cutting Edge 5D9553

Excavator Track Roller Sd20-5Lng Natural Gas Bulldozer Cutting Edge 5D9553

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Product Description

* It's equipped with Weichai WP12G220E33NG engine with power output at 200ps to realize low carbon emission and high environmental-friendliness by reducing the harmful gas emission by >90% and effectively prolong the service life of engine due to sufficient combustion of LNG without carbon deposit, featuring low operating cost and significant comprehensive benefits.

* The rear four-point shock-absorbing installation is adopted for the gas system. The multi-layer insulated high vacuum tank body features high safety, with the capacity at 500L and the maximum filling capacity at 196KG, which is enough for 12h continuous working.

* The installed temperature controlled system features excellent energy-saving and consumption reduction and high economy and environmental-friendliness.

* The independently developed control program implements real-time monitoring on the engine and temperature controlled fan.

* The bogie adopts central hinge type suspension installation, without splayed beam, to reduce the impact on the drive system.

* The drive system adopts modular design and double shock-absorbing installation to ease the maintenances and improve the reliability and comfort of the whole machine.

* The high pressure low flow hydraulic system is adopted to reduce the volume of hydraulic units and achieve compact and reasonable structural layout.

* The externally installed operating valves ensure easier checking and maintenances.

* The hydraulic pilot control is adopted for the working device.

* The mechanical operations by single joystick are adopted for the gearshift and the steering.

* It features comfortable, labor-saving, accurate, flexible operations, rapid response, and improved efficiency.

* The structure of high strength special-shaped tubes, labyrinth seals, and four-point shock-absorbing installation feature low noise and vibration and high comfort and safety.

* SD20-5LNG is equipped with standard straight tilting blade and optional U-blade to provide operation possibility for the regions of higher environmental-friendly requirements.

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