How to Survive a Long Commute during a Traffic Jam

Commuting is never fun and adding traffic to the equation just makes you wish you were somewhere else doing something else than being stuck in a transportation with strangers beside you for hours in a traffic jam. Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while waiting to reach your destination:

Listen to music

Music is the universal language that make you feel things and transports you elsewhere with the right lyrics and melody. Download your favorite songs and save them on your phone or ipod so that you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere – even when commuting. Make sure you have your headphones with you at all times since your seatmates may not appreciate your type of music.

Watch movies

The next time you watch movies online on officialputlockers , try downloading a movie or two for you to watch on your phone the next time you get stuck in traffic. Make sure you choose a movie you have not seen before so that you will be completely focused and entertained to make you forget about being stuck in traffic.

Read a book

Reading in a moving vehicle may not be best for your eyesight but traffic causes a lot of halting moments along your commute which will allow you to read perfectly fine. Bring a physical book along with you or have an e-book reader installed on your phone so you can read your book every chance you get.

Start a conversation

If your seatmates seem to be friendly enough, why not talk to them? You may be even relieving them of the same boredom and impatience that you feel. Who knows, a friendship or romance may even stem from the conversation.

Traffic jams during your commute may not be so bad if you know how to spend your idle time. Try these ideas or catch up on some work. Keeping yourself busy will lessen the chances of you coming home in a cranky mood.