How to Survive a Long Commute during a Traffic Jam

Commuting is never fun and adding traffic to the equation just makes you wish you were somewhere else doing something else than being stuck in a transportation with strangers beside you for hours in a traffic jam. Here are some ideas to keep you entertained while waiting to reach your destination:

Listen to music

Music is the universal language that make you feel things and transports you elsewhere with the right lyrics and melody. Download your favorite songs and save them on your phone or ipod so that you can listen to your favorite tunes anytime, anywhere – even when commuting. Make sure you have your headphones with you at all times since your seatmates may not appreciate your type of music.

Watch movies

The next time you watch movies online on officialputlockers , try downloading a movie or two for you to watch on your phone the next time you get stuck in traffic. Make sure you choose a movie you have not seen before so that you will be completely focused and entertained to make you forget about being stuck in traffic.

Read a book

Reading in a moving vehicle may not be best for your eyesight but traffic causes a lot of halting moments along your commute which will allow you to read perfectly fine. Bring a physical book along with you or have an e-book reader installed on your phone so you can read your book every chance you get.

Start a conversation

If your seatmates seem to be friendly enough, why not talk to them? You may be even relieving them of the same boredom and impatience that you feel. Who knows, a friendship or romance may even stem from the conversation.

Traffic jams during your commute may not be so bad if you know how to spend your idle time. Try these ideas or catch up on some work. Keeping yourself busy will lessen the chances of you coming home in a cranky mood.

Action Movies on Putlockers

Do you need a few movies to fill your weekend with excitement? Well, we have 3 movies that we know that you will love.


A soldier of fortune named Dutch is hired by the US government to be a part of a secret rescue mission to save a group of politicians trapped in Guatemala. When Dutch and his team, which include Blain the weapons expert and George the CIA agent, land in Central America, something goes very wrong. The crew finds a string of dead bodies and afterwards they discover that they are being hunted by a brutal creature with superhuman strength and the ability to blend into its surroundings. More information on putlocker on

Watch stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, and many more in this heart racing film.


Time-travel exists in a future society. This is only to people with the means to pay for it on the black market. When the mob wants to get rid of someone, they send the target back into the past where a hit man which is also known as a looper lies and waits to finish the job. Joe is a looper and he does his job well. Everything is fine until his bosses decide to “close the loop” and send Joe his future self back in time to be killed.

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James Bond’s latest assignment has gone terribly wrong which leads him to a calamitous turn of events Undercover agents around the world are exposed, and MI6 is attacked which forces M to relocate the agency.

MI6 now compromised inside and out, M has one man she can trust and that man is James Bond. Silva, a man from M’s past, wants to settle an old score. It is up to Bond to take the shadows and follow his trail with the help of a field agent.
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Let Me Watch This movies: on Storage? Or no Storage?

Many people are complaining about low storage phone, their phone lagging on them and you just can’t get enough movie in. People nowadays benefit the leisure offered by technology such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets and the greatest invention of all the internet. Where we can say, It has all you need, from the latest gadgets to the historic artifacts from the time of the dinosaurs.

We buy according to our needs and preference. But when it comes to quality we do should not compromise. Online streaming is the best way to enjoy your movie while not filling your storage up.

At letmewatchthis, you can find the latest movies. It is in the beauty of streaming where today’s generation can access movies while on the road, in school at work and especially at home with the aid of internet connection it was made possible that you don’t have to download and fill your phone storage or consume your hard disk with movies because we can’t just store everything in our laptops right? Lags are also from viruses hiding in files. Since some of us cannot afford the aid of an updated anti-virus application, we turn to streaming where it is safe. However, we still enjoy the luxury of watching the movie we like. Furthermore, Movie streaming also gives a various selection from different categories that you ought to watch. While you are playing your movie you assured that your gadgets are safe from harm. We don’t want to reformat our devices in order to clean our computer, we don’t like hidden files nor lagging computer processes due to viruses.

Being smart about it is a choice. Stream for safety and quality. We must stay conscious and get what we deserve from the right servers. We don’t have to settle for less.

To Watch Movies Online Free Of Charge Is Easier Than Ever

There are a lot of people who are watching their movies online because watching on the stream does definitely have a lot of advantages for the people. The reason why watching movies on a Beta max using a player once became so popular was because it was able to make the viewing experience a lot more convenient by allowing the viewers to go and watch their movies in the comfort of their own home instead of watching them in theaters. Fast forward to our time right now a lot of advancements have been made; the internet connection is now reliable and strong enough, devices such as our TVs have now the capabilities to connect to the internet and view in high resolutions up to 4k. Now imagine those advancements being used in our current movie watching experience today that would mean we can be able to enjoy the following:

  • Convenience In Watching
  • High-Resolution Streaming Up To 4k
  • Little To Noticeable No Buffering
  • Watch Whenever And Whenever You Want
  • Easier Viewing Experience When Streaming Online

Advantages Of Movie Streaming

Since to inception of free movie streaming services, a lot of people have now moved on to streaming their watch movies online of charge. Having a free movie certainly, does save you a lot of money since buying your movies per piece can really cost a lot. One of the top web searches on Google right now would be on the lines of “free movie streaming” and “watch free movies”. The problem is a lot of people just can’t seem to believe that there are services out there that do offer you free movies online because it just seems too good to be true.

In order to view free movies online, all you really have to do is to go to the internet and search for the movie you have in mind individually or you can go and search for movie streaming sites that have a huge collection of movies. If your internet connection is not fast enough in order to play these movies in high definition without any long loading phase then you can certainly just go and watch it on lower resolutions. Watching movies online is so easy right now that a lot of kids are actually going their own way to watch movies online.